NeoSound – to turn a sound into data!

NeoSound translates a human voice into meaningful data such as customer emotions, gender, age and more. We deliver our technology as an API service that allows call center companies to integrate it easily into their software.

One of the problems the platform is currently solving is that call center supervisors have to listen to a sample of calls in order to monitor call center agents’ calls. They need to find problematic calls that is extremely time-consuming. To use the time of supervises and agents more productively we fully automate that process and provide insights about all the calls, not just a small random subset of them that supervisors are able to handle manually.

NeoSound enables the supervisors to find the most relevant records depending on criteria they are looking for. E.g. anger files with long intervals of silence. With provided data, users can filter e.g. the top hundred emotional calls out of thousands of calls.

Our machine distinguishes the emotions and more KPIs from the voice and highlights the problematic calls out of thousands of other calls. It provides the analytics insights and pinpoints that brings data-driven changes to the call center companies.

NeoSound machine can learn fast and analyze huge data quickly that can be used for fraud detection and risk management and customer payoff forecast.