Natural Branding

In supermarkets, organic fruits and vegetables are usually packed in plastic foil in order to distinguish them from the non-organic alternative. This is important for supermarkets because they want to ensure that there is no misunderstanding at the checkout counter as to whether someone is buying an organic or non-organic product. Through Natural Branding, whereby a laser removes pigment from the outer layer of the peel of the fruit leaving a permanent mark, it is no longer necessary to pack the products in environmentally unfriendly plastic

Natural Branding is a contact-free method that has been approved by EU Organic certifier SKAL. The method is completely safe and no additional substances are used. Furthermore, the method is so superficial that it has no effect on taste, quality or shelf life. The energy needed for a marking is less than 1% of the energy needed for a sticker.

Through Natural Branding Eosta is saving tons of plastic. Just for one product line for one customer (avocado’s for ICA supermarket), we are saving over 750,000 packaging units which is around 2,000 kg of plastic. Measured in CO2, it is equivalent to an average car driving 1.3 times around the world.