Biomygreen has developed a methodology for coating seeds with mycorrhizal fungi: Mycoat. This innovation is developed by Biomygreen, because there is a high demand from the market for good quality and healtly food produced in a sustainable way. Regulations are changing in a direction that the use of chemical fertilizers becomes increasingly restrictive. Supermarkets prefer reduction of pesticide use. The wish of growers is to continue producing on a high level. Facing these issues, growers exhibit an interest for alternatives. One of the alternatives is using soil life. Beneficial soil organisms can be applied for fertilization of crops: biological fertilization. In addition, beneficial soil organisms enhance the resistance of soil and plants against pathogens: natural resistance. Biological fertilization and natural resistance can increasingly replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides. Mycorrhizal fungi are part of soil life, and they play a key role in the nutrition of plants as well as in reducing infection by pathogens. Growers need practical cost-effective applications. The development of the innovative seed coating Mycoat allows growers to sow their seeds with mycorrhizal fungi in one go. Growers can send their seeds to Biomygreen, and Biomygreen brings the mycorrhizal fungi on the seeds with the seedcoating.