Moodify Empathic Cat Systems

Moodify is a real time, live AI helper. It detects driver’s emotions and brings them to the optimal level by effectively managing their mental condition. By collecting sensory and emotional information, integrating it into a 2-dimensional psychological model and influencing it with multi sensory micro interventions Moodify improves performance and psychological wellbeing.
On a short term Moodify addresses safety concerns caused by fatigue, drowsiness, trust in driver assistance systems and driver response time (engagement) in autonomous vehicles level 2+3.
On a longer term we’re talking about reducing stress, increasing positive emotions, reducing motion sickness in autonomous vehicles and overall improvement of driver’s well-being.
Leading in cognitive psychology, tactile and fragrance technology to influence emotional state.
The first in the world to combine detection of emotions with real time instructions to enhance the feelings in vehicles.
Multi sensory verbal and non verbal immediate micro interventions.
Unique Artificial emotion / empathy algorithms to create emotional change enhancing attention and performance.
We create value by enhancing driver’s safety, increasing productivity (fleet drivers) and allowing a distinguished competitive advantage for car manufacturers offering a unique driving experience.