Modular system for sustainable B2B food transport

FOODLOGICA is a modular, scalable, zero- emission logistic service providing last-mile transport solutions for food related businesses. Transporting local goods and produce to local businesses in the city center, FOODLOGICA’s electric vehicles are twice as fast as traditional vans, less expensive and more efficient both financially and environmentally. Currently active in the city of Amsterdam, FOODLOGICA is innovating in the field of last-mile food transportation by provide a taylor made, professional, hygienic insulated, refrigerated and frozen electric transport for web shops, local food producers, wholesale companies, restaurants, caterers, local food chains and supermarkets. FOODLOGICA focuses in two areas: supporting the development of new refrigeration models that are adaptable on lightweight vehicles, and strengthening the relationship with local food brands to generate a wealthier local food system that is higher performing and better organized. This combination makes FOODLOGICA a social enterprise built to make an impact.