Magnetizable concretes

MAGMENT is a fabless manufacturing company of magnetizable concretes located in Munich.
MC is a patented material technology, engineered from cement and magnetic particles from recycled electronic waste. We are the inventors and sole company worldwide to offer both the concrete material and finished components.
MC allows a high efficiency wireless transfer of energy through a coil embedded in any paved surface, enabling wireless charging of electric and autonomous vehicles… while driving. Dynamic charging is possible by feeding electric current from solar, wind or any power sources through the transmitter coil, which generates a magnetic field that induces current in the receiving coil. This innovation allows a 70% battery needs reduction and energy transfer through embedded in magnetizable concrete roads, charging the batteries with a round-the-clock energy flow.
We are currently developing several projects in Germany, Finland and China, focused on transportation infrastructure for smart cities and how MAGMENT can make this possible.