Wellsun has developed the Lumiduct, an energy producing, transparent solar shading which makes it possible to create full glass facades that generate more energy than façades covered with conventional silicon solar panels. Apart from the electricity generation and the savings on cooling, heating and artificial lighting, the Lumiduct creates and ideal indoor building climate with a pleasant amount of daylight which increases the general wellbeing of the occupants.
After sunset, with the integrated LED, the Lumiduct transforms into a media wall with a higher resolution than the Ziggo Dome in Amsterdam. This increases the commercial attractiveness and accelerates the sustainable transformation of the building environment.

The Lumiduct addresses traditional problems related to glass facades of buildings:
• Poor energy performance
• Poor indoor building climate
• A difficult business case for energy neutral buildings

These problems are solved by the Lumiduct through:
• Generating record amounts of energy from the façade’s surface by using high efficient transparent solar panels
• Creating high energy savings through additional solar heat rejection and additional daylight admittance
• Creating an ideal and consistent indoor building climate with a high level of natural daylight
• Adding valuable media functionality to the façade