Low Power Global Area Network

Magnitude delivers global connectivity for sensor and Internet of Things (IoT) related devices at affordable cost, by launching its own satellite network: the Low Power Global Area Network (LPGAN). It is the first of its kind to connect any IoT device – wherever it is in the world – delivering small data packages to the customer to gain actionable insights. We offer this service at a price starting at €3/year/subscription.

The LPGAN will make satellite connectivity a reality for any application or organization, whether monitoring the environment, localization of trailers, checking the legal fishing by small vessels or monitoring of soil conditions for smart agriculture. We provide the connectivity to enable these applications, reducing satellite connectivity costs by a factor of ten to the level of GSM.

Our network, the LPGAN will have full global coverage from day one, while GSM networks only cover ~10% of the globe. Sensors and devices will have a modem embedded, enabled by our proprietary firmware. The satellite picks up the data from these devices and sends it via gateways to our web portal. Using our API, solution providers have easy access to the data to provide applications for their end customers. The network is globally available and provides affordable satellite connectivity everywhere.