LipoCoat tailored surface coatings

LipoCoat’s innovative coatings enable tailored surface properties of man-made materials and devices to improve performance, safety and comfort. In many cases, especially in healthcare, medical devices suffer from unwanted processes at the material surface when in use. In virtually all cases where man-made materials are brought into contact with tissue or bodily fluids, unwanted side-effects are observed. For example, urological catheters are susceptible to bacterial contamination and fouling of the surface. This in turn leads to a high risk of infection for the patient and can even result in death. More than half of all the healthcare associated infections are caused by contaminated catheters. In addition, medical devices often don’t have the required lubricity, wetting or anti-thrombogenic properties. LipoCoat offers tailor-made bio-inspired coating able to prevent contamination of proteins and bacteria, is anti-thrombogenic and has a high degree of wetting and lubricity. LipoCoat coatings are just 5 nanometers thick, are highly biocompatible, non-toxic and can be applied on a wide range of materials. The coating can be used in healthcare with opportunities in diagnostics, food, pharma and R&D. Changing the world, 5 nanometers at a time!