Limitless is an award-winning, white-label micro-savings/investing app targeted at Millennials and licensed to banks and insurers. The company was featured by CB Insights, FT among others.
Young people aged 18-35 face a changing labour market that for many includes low job security, high rent and tuition prices and irregular income that is over 20% less than the average Baby Boomer salary. There is a huge demand for modern, simple financial tools that can help them take care of their financial future. Most don’t have a financial background, nor do they have capital or time, so investing is a daunting prospect. Additionally, financial institutions are struggling to engage Millennials and tech-savvy customers, who are now looking to alternative, fully-digital and engaging banking services at a growing rate.
Our PSD2-ready app that lets the user save and invest automatically every time they spend money with any of their cards. We help our users to build their safety net, save money for short-term goals and invest long term. Financial institutions benefit from acquisition and retention, cross selling and monetising data.