Our innovation consists of a product, called Majicast, and a franchise model consisting of services delivering prosthetic care to rural areas.

Our product, the Majicast, creates prosthetic moulds in an automated, hands-off way in 5 minutes time, by capturing the shape and volume of residual transtibial limbs accurately, without the influence of a prosthetic clinician. It is developed by a multidisciplinary team of researchers, engineers, prosthetists and business developers. It is a great innovation; over 75% of developing countries have no orthopedic training programs and the current supply of trained clinicians falls short by 40.000+ worldwide.

In addition to this, we are developing several services to prosthetic clinicians to increase their viability, growth, drive for patient satisfaction and get compliant to the law.
Our current service consist of an app that helps prosthesismakers to do their work efficiently, and follow protocols on production/patient treatment.
We also plan to develop a bookkeeping system, marketing services and a marketplace to find the cheapest/best components, directly from producer to prosthetist (leaving out the middleman)

Reason for this is that small orthopedic labs invest too much in ‘non-care activities’ (marketing, contracts with insurance companies, patient administration, find orthopedic components).

Our services can be offered in a franchise model for new clinics.