LEA – Lean empowering assistant

Everyone has a loved one that is in an elderly care center or living alone. They unfortunately often have difficulties to live independently, and do not get the care they deserve or have the ability to stay mobile. We have a mission to make them lead a richer life and feel young again, by giving them mobility and their independence through robotics. Therefore, we have created the robot-rollator LEA! The Lean Empowering Assistant that interacts and lives with its users to help them in their daily life. 
By intuitively providing mobile activity the LEA enables healthy living, with various abilities incorporated in one convenient solution. In numerous trials, European users have been helped to live and move safely. They felt confident as LEA recognizes obstacles in its environment and monitors posture, balance and movement of its user. LEA is a partner that actively supports daily activities, by tracking and guiding as a personal trainer focused on improvement. As a guardian LEA has the responsibility to communicate in times of challenge, it measures the well-being of the user with the ability to sound the alarm to caretakers and connect the user with the world.
In May 2017 LEA gained Medical Device Certification and is now preparing for production. She will reach mass market in the Netherlands and Europe till end of this year.