Knowledge Platform

Maana’s Knowledge Platform helps F500 companies optimize their assets and decision flows 3-10x faster than any other technology. We do that by enabling experts in the organization to quickly build models that turn human expertise and data into digital knowledge for employees to make better and faster decisions. Digital knowledge is a network of models, powered by our patented knowledge graph that provide recommendations into thousands of decision flows. At the core of the platform is Maana’s patented Knowledge Graph, which enables knowledge representation and reasoning for asset and process optimization. This invention, combined with Maana’s algorithms, expedite extracting knowledge directly from data silos and information sources to reveal their relationships in the context of optimizing assets or processes. Maana’s Knowledge Platform includes tools that we call Knowledge Assistants (DocAssist, Time-series Assist, Join Assist, Similarity Assist, etc…) that help subject-matter experts (SMEs) to quickly build models by that answer complex questions and extract the information needed to understand the relationships and interdependencies of business processes and assets across their organization. These models represent concepts, entities, properties, and relationships that SMEs and data scientists can reason over together. These models are portable and can be reused as is or modified and re-applied to another problem.