Karaton is a game that combines gamification and personal education. The idea is to eliminate the lack of motivation that children have by gamifying educational reading/writing exercises. We don’t want it to feel like ‘extra homework’ anymore. In addition to the game, we also created a platform where speech therapists/tutors can sign up to closely follow the child’s weekly progression and adjust the game to their personal level.

Reading is the most important skill for children to develop in our information driven society. Between 10-15% of all children worldwide have a serious reading disability or have dyslexia. This has a big impact on the development of the children’s social and emotional behavior, which can impact all aspects of their life. We want to motivate children with our game so they can improve their reading skills and their opportunities later in life.

Karaton is working on reaching the 4th sustainable development goal of the UN: ‘Ensure inclusive and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning.’

We plan on launching our game in The Netherlands by the end of this year. After this, we are thinking about translating our game to other Western languages (i.e. English) so we can expand to other parts of the world.