Kandoor, literally translated: “continue”, is an initiative where a digital community of independent volunteers supported by artificial intelligence is helping people to make better financial decisions. You can call it your “smart online neighbour with a lot of financial knowledge”. After using Kandoor consumers are better prepared when they continue to the next phase, e.g. paid financial advice or buying a financial product.

Kandoor facilitates a personal, 1-on-1 interaction with the right person in a private, online setting. The expert guides are volunteers and are not Kandoor’s employees. By using this unique model, we can easily state that the help consumers receive is totally independent.

Although the Kandoor concept has firm roots in peer-to-peer solutions and the sharing economy, we acknowledge the difficulty of scaling a “free” human resource. Therefore, a technology solution that relieves some of the workload on our guides is designed. Our bot is currently capable of routing the right question to the right financial guide by using natural language processing in Dutch that automatically can detect what the question is about. The bot can also resolve a significant portion of the questions with no human intervention, leaving human capacity to address more complex cases.

Finally, to share our knowledge to the world we write content and make short videos about the most important topics too. Our dream is to make financial knowledge accessible to everyone.