iThrive is your personal coach on the go. It is the behavioral change engine that helps you to transform counterproductive habits and thrive. Daily you are empowered to change your behavior out of your own motivation. iThrive brings you into a positive state and from there you set actions.
Buddies and personalized check-ins help you to make commitments long lasting.
The app helps organizations to build a thriving workforce that is up to 400% more productive.
Our solution is stress and burnout prevention. Stress and burnout costs the European economy alone Euro 300 billion annually. Thriving workers do well, are healthy and are more stress resilient. We provide HR a stress metric that can be used for benchmarking.
Competitive Advantage
• User encouragement of daily use
• Developing “stickiness” with satisfying the deep need for being seen, heard and understood
• Using evidence based methods from mental health interventions, coaching, positive psychology, and persuasive technology
• Low cost and long lasting behavior change
• Collaborating with independent scientific partner University of Twente for validation
The innovation: daily behavior change combined with proven mental health interventions for effective transformation, the “empathy” of the app, experimenting with attachment theory for notifications, artificial intelligence for empathetic interaction. We have already developed 4 virtual reality (VR) prototypes that help to intensify interventions.