Interclass meets AI

Interclass 1.0 is an online interactive learning environment for secondary school students. We offer additional study materials for all ages and all levels (12-19) ,(VMBO, HAVO, VWO) It is important to use interactive materials so that we can stimulate the concentration level of the students and (of course) to help them receive higher grades (and better understanding of the mandatory materials) For this reason we use a lot of gamification in our study materials. Interclass started in 2016 with their research and it appeared that Interclass was indeed very helpful for highschool students. The grades of several Students (pilot students) increased with an average of 9,8% in comparison to their previous tests and other students (non-pilot). After the research period (ended in sept 2017) we started broading our product and selling Interclass 1.0 to schools and individual students.

Our vision for Interclass was to create a better technological environment for high school students, so that in the future they will have better, broader and personal form of education. More quality courses, new forms of interactivity and special care for all students. That’s why we want to develop a computerized Interclass tutor, so that each student can receive the education they need in a more interactive way. We would like to present Interclass 2.