Accerion – Infrastructure free positioning technology for mobile robots

Accerion has developed the world’s first 100% infrastructure free positioning technology for mobile robots that uses the floor as a reference.

The product consists of a sensor module that will be mounted on mobile robots. Application areas are: mobile robots for indoor logistics, warehousing, production automation, pipe/tank inspection, agricultural robots and service robots.

The customer and end-user will benefit greatly from this technology since they will not need to add any complex, expensive and especially inflexible infrastructure like rails, magnet grids, induction lines, reflectors or radio beacons to their operational environment anymore.

Accerion’s patented optical positioning technology uses the floor as its reference and consists of two essential aspects. The first part is inspired on the computer mouse and this technology is able to track the movement and orientation of a mobile robot in a relative manner (optical odometry). The second part is able to use the floor as an absolute reference and therefore can correct the small errors that the first part is making. Combined this results in a highly accurate (sub-mm) and robust positioning technology that is 100% infrastructure free. In contrast to other technologies like Lidar, Accerion’s technology also works in highly dynamic environments, like warehouses en manufacturing facilities. It is even able to handle changes of the floor surface like wear or contaminations using artificial intelligence algorithms.