Immersed Computing

Dutch cleantech start-up Asperitas launched a new concept that is making use of liquid and natural convection for cooling systems in data centers. This technology is the first of its kind and is called Immersed Computing. Asperitas offers a fully integrated and modular solution for cloud, edge and HPC datacenters which is making use of this new technology: the AIC24.
The new concept of Asperitas makes use of ‘total liquid cooling’ which means that it does use liquid to cool the system and IT hardware. In addition to this, the technology of the start-up uses natural convection, resulting in a strong decrease in the required amount of cooling systems.
With this technology the total energy footprint of data centers can be reduced with 50 percent. The system ensures that the IT- equipment and -infrastructure works more efficient. In addition, all the energy used by the solution can be re-used, because the system drains heat in the form of hot water. The solution thus supports ambitions of cities such as Amsterdam and Stockholm who bet on use of waste heat from data centers.