HOLOFIL is a 3D visualization tabletop device that attracts a viewer’s attention 5 times better than a flat screen. It creates 3D visual experiences like a hologram, that are used for branding, product promotions, user experience creations, education, and training. The device is designed with affordability and portability as the main aim targeted towards small and medium scale industry. Its unique design is trademarked and allows it to be disassembled like an IKEA furniture to carry around with ease and install. The device uses specially created 3D visualization content using the 3D rendering of animations. It can be used to create mesmerizing user experience to attract the attention of users and deliver the relevant message to them once they are attentive. It can work in both interactive and non-interactive mode. In the interactive mode, users can interact with the 3D content inside the device using a Bluetooth controller. Research is also being done to integrate new modes of interaction such as gesture control using new types of sensors. The device price starts at 599 euros (ex-vat) which includes a 10 inch HD tablet, and then there are variations of priced packages. It could be used in different sectors such as digital signage, retail, fashion, medical and healthcare, education and training etc. Check it out at holofil.com