BroadBit Batteries

BroadBit has developed a novel low-cost/high-performance/eco-friendly/scalable sodium chloride battery technology for applications in EVs, electronics and grid stabilization. BroadBit’s technology is based on 4 key breakthrough innovations:

1) a technique allowing the use of cheap metallic anodes with extremely high specific capacity;
2) a cheap crystal (table salt) based cathodes with extremely high specific capacity;
3) a cheap sulfur based electrolyte with extremely high ionic conductivity; and
4) a low cost assembly process allowing manufacture in air

These innovations dramatically improve performance, reduce costs, allow massive scaling with no practical resource limitation and enable the electrified/green economy:

1) 50% higher energy stored per cost
2) 25% higher energy per weight
3) Better environmental friendliness, scalability and sustainability
4) Simpler manufacturing (fewer steps, no need for inert environment)
5) Higher Safety (no flammable electrolyte, no risk of overcharging)
6) More robust (can be fully discharged without damage)
7) A wider temperature operating range (-20 C to +70 C)

Our novel battery chemistry and structure has been proven at the coin cell level and is now being verified at the cylindrical cell level with first customers.