Autonomous moving solar panels for multiple use on agricultural land with local energy storage in hydrogen.

2 options
A. Driving solar panels, on mobile ‘creep’-construction: a segment moves to the next segment per season / year, for example along with the crop rotation of farmers.
B. Autonomous moving solar panels: moving between the livestock, crops and across ditches.

Movable arrays of solar panels, assembled on light weight structures and supported on wheels, random moving or on rails. The solar energy is processed into hydrogen (H2) and stored locally. Hydrogen stock is used locally when needed; the surplus will be delivered to third parties.

Futureproof solution
By making the installation autonomous of a connection point, there is no question of ‘hassle’ with both a grid connection and the practical ‘fiddling’ with flexible cables across the lot.

The solution to convert the generated kWh directly into hydrogen ensures not just for an autonomous functioning generating installation, but is also a solution for the need to balance the production and the use of generated energy while ensuring no electricity network reinforcements.


Preservation of agricultural function
Because the solar power plant is mobile, it can be seen as one extra crop in rotational cultivation that many arable farmers use. At the variant where the installation ‘creeps’ across the land is literally double use of agricultural land.