GreenerU app

Ever wondered if tea has a lower environmental impact than coffee? Or what about going to the cinema vs. watching Netflix? GreenerU provides you with the answer to all of these questions! GreenerU is an app designed to track and measure the environmental impact of your day-to-day consumption habits and provide you with personalized advice on how to lower your lifestyle’s negative impact through better habits.
GreenerU automatically measures the environmental impact of your consumption (energy, mobility, water and shopping) and uses gamification and personalization to enable behavior change in a fun, competitive way. The game consists of various “levels”. In each level, people take simple challenges that reduce the negative impact of their consumption. Personalized recommendations in the form of challenges are powered by AI, using past consumption data of each user, as well as the consumption data of the other users in the community. GreenerU’s machine learning algorithm will constantly learn what low-impact alternative habits and products you are most likely to adopt. When users successfully complete these tasks, they are rewarded with ‘eco-points’ that could be exchangeable for actual discounts.