Greener battery

We deliver battery power to any location, everywhere!

Greener Power Solutions delivers (temporary) on- and off grid electrical energy by means of mobile batteries in an independent network or in combination with other electrical sources. Furthermore, the battery systems are capable of balancing the energy demand in existing networks.
Due to the high power output and large capacity of our systems we provide a quiet and clean alternative for diesel generators on events, construction sites, airports, harbours, etc.

At this moment, we are delivering power to the Awakenings festival. later this year, we will also provide power to Madness, Drumcode, Elrow, Welcome to the Village, Into the Great Wide Open and many more. In October and November we will be powering a restaurant that is opening, but where the grid connection is delayed. Thanks to our system the restaurant will be able to open on time, without a noisy, stinky and pouting diesel generator on their parking lot. When the battery is not rented out, it will be trading on the frequency control market of TenneT.