Green Window

In short we have pursued ways to absorb particulate matter en CO2 in cities and meanwhile creating awareness for smart cities of tomorrow. During the production phase and maintenance The Green Window will create new jobs in every country where its needed. In this way everybody can literally work for a cleaner environment.

The modular Green Window can be placed on many surfaces like roofs, houses, buildings, roads and bicycle paths.

By simply adding the Green windows together it can easily irrigate and feed itself and alert the back office for any problems,. by placing wifi sensors.

At the moment we are testing flowsensors so that a maintenance workers can exactly pinpoint with gps the green window that requires attention.
By installing Green Windows on the facades, roadsides and roofs in cities it will lower the temperature and protect outerwalls against acid rain and uv radiation.

By integrating vertical and horizontal green the biodiversity in a city will increase excess rainwater can be held and allowed to slowly vaporize.
This is also one of the main reasons The green window can stabilize and improve the innercity climate and increase the quality of life.

We will be using more and more IA and IoT the maintenance requirements will be extremely reduced.