Green Banana Pasta

Green Banana BV makes pastas using green banana flour and a fusion of other pulses, legumes & vegetables. We make a range of healthy pastas that fit perfectly within the eating patters of daily households. Our pasta is produced purposefully to bring plant protein, dietary fibre and other micro nutrients into the meal plans of regular homes at an affordable cost.
Green banana is a high-nutrient food crop yet its under utilised, and through our innovative production techniques, we can produce pasta, pizza, bread and other food products that are a great source of resistant starch, slow carbohydrates, both of which can reduce the risk of diabetes & heart disease, help control blood sugar, and make you feel full longer. Green bananas also have plenty of potassium & vitamin B6.

Our mission is clear, better food, for better health and a better world. We do this by working directly with banana farmers, pulses and legume farmers in Uganda, and we can produce food products with a great taste and high nutrient profile
We aim for food production process that promotes a fair chain and ethical food system where the food company, end consumers and the farmers are creating a shared value proposition.