What we do – Protect GPS
InfiniDome develops GPS/GNSS cyber protection solutions which defend any GPS based system against jamming and spoofing.
The problem we solve – Vulnerability of GPS to disruptions
Today: GPS jammers bought online for $15 are massively used to steal cargo from trucks. Cargo theft is a $100B problem worldwide. Drones and HLS applications are killed by these same $15 jammers.
Tomorrow: Autonomous vehicles and unmanned systems cannot rely on GPS without protection.
Competitive Advantage – Amazing SWaP, Price and Availability
The small size, low weight and low power make InfiniDome solution relevant for all applications – Vehicles, drones, UAV’s and more. At a fraction of the price of other solutions and without military export problems, GPSdome could be used everywhere. Tomorrow.
Technology – CRPA null steering algorithm cancelling the effect of the disruption
Target Markets – Valuable Asset Tracking, Drones & UAVs, Autonomous Vehicles
The Founding Team – Over 150 years of combined experience
Omer Sharar, CEO (previously SW and control systems engineer at HP & veteran GPS timing expert)
Moshe Meidar, Chairman (Previously owner, chairman & CEO of MAG IAS machine tools & systems)
Ehud Sharar, President (previously manufacturing manager at Telrad, CEO of Focus Telecom)
Moshe Kaplan, CTO – just amazing!