Gavin risk-sharing service

Gavin: rethinking insurance

Gavin is the world’s first risk-sharing service. We’re turning insurance upside down.

Our users enjoy the same coverage as with traditional insurance companies, but with better service at half the price. Better service that starts with taking out a cover in 30 secs, filing a claim in 15 secs, and cancelling everything in 3 secs. And thanks to our model Gavin is up to 50% cheaper, month after month. Some months you might not pay anything at all!

We’re able to offer such an innovative and different proposition by completely rethinking insurance. Unlike traditional insurance companies we only charge people after damages have occurred. Our models divide the costs of all claims amongst all our users, that way they benefit by only paying for actual losses and not for “future losses”. The benefit to Gavin is that we can operate as the leanest and most flexible insurer possible.

Lastly, Gavin has also repaired the claim settlement incentive. Unlike traditional insurance companies, Gavin’s business model is built on accepting instead of rejecting claims which also benefits our users.

So, come and meet Gavin and join the future of insurance.