Fited makes custom-fit 3D-printed medical body braces and prosthetics from just images. Every year, over a million people in the European Union have to wear inaccurate bulky medical devices. Fited is creating a software platform to digitize the end-to-end process from disease detection to treatment, solving problems with the inaccurate and inaccessible traditional plaster casting and hand-molding process used today. Our first product focuses on Scoliosis bracing which we are testing in collaboration with Prof. Dr. L.W. van, Rhijn Orthopedic Department Head at Maastricht UMC+. With 4 photos and 2 X-Rays, the Fited platform transforms these images to a 3D-printed medical brace that is unique to each patient and their medical condition. We completely eliminate the external lab and remove the human error of the current manual process. We create medical braces that are more lightweight, elegant, flexible, and comfortable to increase patient compliance. Our technology solution is designed to scale across medical bracing and prosthetic products, opening up a €9.5 Billion addressable market. The core team building this innovation comes from leading universities across the United States and Europe. We are making custom-fit medical braces that are accurate and accessible, with machine learning and 3D-printing.