Asparagus harvesting robot

Cerescon is developing, producing and selling a selective asparagus harvesting machine for white asparagus. Harvesting of white asparagus is still performed completely manually due to the absence of cost-effective harvesting technology. European farmers’ profits are diminishing.
Subsurface detection combined with an integrated very fast cutting robot is the patented solution that Cerescon has developed. This in combination with automated plastic handling and sand bed recovery, results in a harvesting machine that can harvest 1 hectare / hour. Optimally used, the machine can harvest 40 to 45 hectares during the season thus replacing 60 – 75 manual labour. This machine does not only reduce the harvesting cost with 50%, it also improves the quality of the asparagus.
In season 2017, a beta version of the machine has successfully been tested by Wageningen University, LimGroup (largest asparagus breeder in the world) and large User Group members.

Cerescons solution is the first commercially available selective harvesting solution in the world.
Cerescon founded a User Group in 2015 that consists of 7 large asparagus farmers from the Netherlands and Germany and a contractor. The asparagus farmers together represent 4500 hectares. They have all signed a letter of Intent.