Fight Fake News with AI

By 2022, the majority of individuals in mature economies will consume more false information than true information.
– Gartner Top Strategic Predictions for 2018 and Beyond
Fake news poses a very real threat to individuals and organizations. Just in 2017, big brands like P&G and Adidas, have pulled back multi-million ad campaigns on brand safety concerns, hackers inflicted hundreds of millions in damages using fake news to deliver malware and foreign government intervened through social media to manipulate political outcomes.
“Misleading and maliciously false online content is so prolific that we humans have little hope of digging ourselves out of the mire. One algorithm meant to shine a light in the darkness is”
– MIT Technology Review, Can AI Win the War Against Fake News? is on a mission to promote consumption of safe content and fight fake news purveyors using Artificial Intelligence. We believe that the human component is indispensable, but with the sheer amount of content online, there is little doubt some smart automation is needed, and so, we aim to empower humans with AI capabilities to tell apart real from fake content – from machine vision for image manipulation detection to natural language processing for psycho-linguistic analysis and data pipelines for deep learning at scale.
In recognition of our efforts to help EU fact checkers, we were invited as key speakers by the European Parliament: