Agronomic data-driven decision support and training system

Agrisim optimizes farmlands, farm areas, regions and larger used for farming by using BigData and unique algorithms. The base of the system is the proven portfolio management in the financial world projected to farmlands. Optimization is done through 2 different, integrated, modules. The matching module matches ideal crop growth conditions with the current conditions of a parcel or area. The ideal growth condition database contains 3.000 crops, fruits and vegetables conditions on climate, nutrients, soil type etc. Agrisim then calculates the yields coming from that area. The economic module is a two-way module. It forecasts pricing, supply and demand in an area and/or world market of all crops, fruits and vegetables in the ideal condition database. The economic module further calculates income (gross and net) of the current production as well as the new product chosen by Agrisim projected in time. In this way the farmer can chose if the margin differences are high enough to make the change. After many interviews the third module is a pro-active training module in order to decrease risks as much as possible. Actively sending emails/SMS to the farmers when to do what and how, based on data. In a later stage a simulation over time can be added to the system showing the changed landscape. Parts of the system tested in Turkey.