Expivi provides a new shopping experience. A simple-to-use platform that has standardized product configuration. Whether you’re selling a simple pen or a complete yacht, Expivi makes it possible to visualize and personalize those product in any way the customer wants. All sales are processed in a fully automated pipeline to order, production and inventory, down to single smallest components within the product. Not only satisfying customers and boosting sales but also automating the supply chain management.
Expivi also focuses on supply chain management. Since every component within the product is available on cloud, Expivi is able to build detailed article lists that can be communicated with ERP systems for component based price calculations, manufacturing and inventory.
We are creating an ecosystem where cross selling gets a whole new meaning. Imaging being able to configure your next home online and also being able to design and configure the furniture within the home from a wide variety of manufacturers like IKEA.

Gispen: https://gispen.expivi.net/product/cimo#/

Pillow: http://www.123maatkussens.nl/

Building: https://www.expivi.net/v2/?id=31

In association with Accenture, Intergamma groep and Expivi we showcasing our ecosystem at DIY Summit in Barcelona.