Why pay expensive, standardized car insurance premiums based on how other people drive – when you actually can pay only for the miles YOU drive? This question is what sparked the birth of Enerfy, a unique, user-based insurance technology that helps drivers to lower their insurance costs and insurers to reward safer, planet-friendly drivers.

We have developed one of the world’s first insurance solutions based on deep machine learning and AI that can analyze driving and assess risk in real-time. The technology includes a hardware plug-in, the consumer’s smartphone, and our cloud-based service with algorithms and AI. With our tech analyzing in real-time, the driver gets immediate feedback & information in our app. Since it’s possible for us to assess risk in real-time, the driver gets a premium based on how she drives. Responsible, eco-friendly and smart driving = low costs. Risky, irresponsible and fuel-inefficient driving with high CO2-emissions = higher costs. This creates incentives to safe, planet-friendly driving behavior – which is rewarded by a lower insurance premium.

The goal for our white label product is to disrupt the traditional insurance business and lead the market into a new, digital era. It’s time for drivers to take control of their costs and behavior – and for insurers to reward those who deserve it.