Emotion AI

The rapidly progressing digitalization of our world and current trends and breakthroughs in areas such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things makes it more obvious every day that our future lives – whether business or private – will be surrounded and affected by software, machines and intelligent agents in general. However, one of the most important dimensions of human-to-human-interaction is still missing from how we work together with machines: Emotional Intelligence. At the moment, nearly every form of smart product or service is emotionally dumb, lacking any kind of empathy. The goal of TAWNY is to develop an Emotion AI that allows the world’s machines and digital products to be empathic, i.e., to seamlessly and dynamically adapt to a user’s needs and preferences at the very moment. In contrast to existing approaches in this area, TAWNY is not limited to basic emotions like “being happy” or “being sad” but aims to develop an Emotion AI that has a holistic understanding of what a human is, allowing it to adapt to recognize specific mental states like being in a state called “flow” – the state of optimal experience, e.g., being very productive without feeling stressed. So TAWNY develops an Emotion AI to make the worlds products, services and experiences empathic.