ECO2 is the world’s first environmental cryptocurrency that linked with Carbon Credit assets. “Carbon Credit”is a concept from UN approved “Kyoto Protocol” and “Paris Agreement” that turns GHG (greenhouse gas) emission right into a tradable commodity. Companies that pollute less GHG can sell their excessive pollution rights to companies that pollute more. ECO2 has completed many forestry carbon sink (Carbon Credit) investments in Inner Mongolia before the issuance. ECO2’s issuance relies on carbon reduction and environmental protection.

The world ever first cryptocurrency that records the activity of an individual’s carbon emission is called ECO2. Specially designed Carbon-Chain DAPP applied on mobile phone, users can earn ECO2 during their low-carbon travel. This DAPP will calculate the volume of carbon reductions of each user during low carbon travel to allocate ECO2. Every ECO2 you got could be used for consumption or trading. The way of ECO2 circulation will help the reduction of GHG emissions and promote global low carbon environmental projects.