Dutch Quinoa: local quinoa production worldwide, short quinoa food chains

First Dutch grown quinoa and – products for foodprofessionals and consumers, by a short chain integration model with fair pricing for growers and pesticidefree production.

License model for new quinoa production chains worldwide, based on the R&D programm of unique saponine free and salttolerant quinoa varieties from Wageningen UR (licensed and supported by DQG) and quinoa expertise of DQG, to make quinoa accessible for farmers and consumers worldwide.

Quinoa is a very interesting new crop option for arable farmers worldwide, drought and salttolerant and with positive impact on biodiversity and soilhealth. At the same time quinoa is a very versatile ingredient with a ‘animal protein quality’, source of protein and rich on fibre and minerals, low glycemic index and therefore a very potential additional ingredient to give diets more variation, health and sustainable.