Dry Gender Neutral urinate toilets with nutrient recovery solution

Liquidgold is an exciting high growth company in a circular economy for sanitation waste and unique dry sanitation solutions. Our focus is to reduce our customer’s operating costs and create new products from toilet resources ( human waste) in a simple and cost-effective manner. Enabling a valuable self-sustaining system while protecting our environment.

WEESTAND product is our unique gender-neutral urinate only toilet that is the evolution of female sanitation, dry, safe, and private and no interaction contributes towards better hygiene and end-user experience.

DIAMOND product Our nutrient recovery reactor that helps save on chemical and waste disposal costs, which creates a new revenue stream through the sale of high value recovered fertilizer.

E-Container product Our container is a 100% waterless, gender neutral, urinate only facility for males and females. Waste is diverted into collection tanks onsite and is treated using our reactor to create a by-product for agricultural application.

PUREGOLD- by-product Our continuous slow release fertilizer providing Root-Activated phosphorus. As the roots produce citrates, the biofertilizer responds with a healthy release of phosphorus, plus nitrogen and magnesium, to feed plants

LiqiuidGold’s technology suite helps our customers around the world manage valuable water and waste