DigiContact provides 24/7 highly qualified support for Dutch citizens struggling with Health and well being related issues. Our clients are mostly mentally disabled persons. The support is provided by means of a secure videoconferencing system.
What makes DigiContact special is that it enables clients to ask their questions at any time, so escalation of the situations can be prevented.
An example is a client who threatened to destroy the interior of his house. He called us at 10:30 pm. We kept talking to him and managed to keep him from actually doing it. Simultaneously we alarmed local care workers who, upon arriving at the scene, managed to further calm him down and completely defuse the situation.
One of the special features is that we create iris to iris eye-contact through special technology (compared to Skype or facetime contact where one always has the idea the other person is not directly looking at you)
DigiContact is able to provide planned as well as unplanned support. Our staff has a high level of education (in Dutch: HBO+) an currently we support 1000 clients.
Our goal is to strongly increase this number in the coming years.
Key words are:
– 24/7 support
– iris to iris eye-contact
– highly qualified personnel
– activating the client.