Decentralized threat intelligence

Today’s anti -virus and cyber security market is dominated by single-vendor offerings which often miss emerging threats. The industry is unable to keep up with the pace in which new malware is created and deployed accentuated by an increasing shortage of security expertise.
PolySwarm is the first decentralized marketplace where security experts build anti-malware engines that compete to protect users and enterprises. PolySwarm brings enterprises, consumers, vendors and geographically-diverse security experts together into a single marketplace for more complete threat detection. Security experts and researchers build competing software “micro-engines” that quickly identify the latest threats, attempting to outperform their competition. PolySwarm’s “Proof of Work” is threat detection accuracy: the market rewards experts who are best able to defend enterprises and end users.
PolySwarm creates value by re-imagining the threat intelligence market. PolySwarm unlocks potential in dormant information security expertise by creating rewards for crowdsourced and collaborative malware detection. PolySwarm incentivizes specialized knowledge and mandates interoperability, allowing enterprises and end users alike to obtain more complete threat coverage.