CYBERUS KEY is the first password-less, multi-factor user authentication platform of the “post credential era”. As the next-generation cybersecurity platform Cyberus Key eliminates completely user IDs/passwords and ANY type of user credentials. Cyberus Key is the first system to blend key security features that eliminates cybersecurity threats such as: phishing, social engineering and man-in-the-middle attacks – most frequent hacking methods responsible for 80 % of data breaches. Cyberus Key is the only system that verifies both sides of a transaction, the user to the service and vice versa, and with its unique frictionless, one-click login UX is available for web services, mobile applications and is a perfect fit for all voice activated networks that use smart speakers. It is a universal user authentication system that is simple to use and integrate yet ultra-secure. Innovative technology is using the only unbreakable encryption system and sound (but not biometric) as a most universal communication protocol to authenticate the user. It eliminates also problem of password-sharing and enables 2nd screen interactivity, loyalty link and other marketing tools. Cyberus Key is a perfect solution for internal corporate use and for external clients in: fintech, banking, eCommerce, healthcare, on-line media and smart environments.