Crowdsourced School

We believe that the son or daughter of a billionaire, and the son or daughter of a Syrian refugee or African farmer, should have access to the same world-class education. We are a non-profit that empowers refugees and underprivileged people to start a new life through a career in technology.

Restart Network created the Crowdsourced School to help those in need become tech industry’s most needed. We run a world-class one-year long coding program that is tuition-free – we call it “Restart ONE”. We guide our students to become their best selves while learning the fundamentals of web development. Here’s what we do differently:
+ Peer to Peer Learning – Flipped classroom: students learn from each other and in-team trial and error.
+ World-Class Thinkers – Every week iconic guests give Master Classes or invite us to “Tech Safaris” at the world’s largest tech companies. In the past classes, we welcomed at our campus engineers from Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, Facebook, Amazon Web Services, KPN, GitHub,, and Dropbox, as well as local tech companies.
+ Gamified Classroom – From grades to High Scores, an AI-enhanced learning experience.
+ Extreme Immersion – 1000+ learning hours, in a campus surrounded by 150+ tech companies
+ Coding AND People Skills – Self-awareness is nurtured through courses in storytelling and public speaking.