Crowded Cities

We challenge you: try to walk 20 meters in a big city without seeing a cigarette filter on the ground. They are the single most common trash item on the street of any city worldwide. They take up to 10 years to dissolve making them very bad for the environment. Although they are very abundant, most people don’t even realise they are there.

We found the perfect solution, we will let the city clean itself using their existing ecosystem: crows. Our Crowbar is a machine that will educate, train and reward crows to collect cigarette filters in exchange for food. The machine is using a proven 4-step process to make crows associate the collection of cigarette filters with getting food. For every cigarette filter they drop in the Crowbar, they will get a bit of food as a reward.

Crows are highly intelligent, copy each others behaviour and live abundantly in cities making them the ultimate cleaners of the city. They are capable of collecting cigarette filters on the most difficult places where normal city cleaners can’t reach.

The Crowbars can be placed all over the city without having a big impact on the city existing infrastructure. The solution is cost efficient and a surprisingly easy way to make our cities clean again!

Best Regards,

Bob Spikman & Ruben van der Vleuten