Cortex Shelter by Cutwork

We believe that we are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we produce, build and consume things. We are developing technologies that will participate in a new industrial world where products are easily customizable, produced on demand closest to the end user and delivered in a thoughtful and efficient way. 

Cutwork is centered on industrial technology that allows metal and other materials to be bent easily and effectively by hand, optimizing the production of prefabricated structures and custom products. Products include flat-pack kit furniture, a modular design system and most recently, an innovative low-cost housing solution called The Cortex Shelter.

The Cortex Shelter is a “just add water” permanent shelter that can be shipped flat and assembled by hand on site using local resources and labor. Cutwork metallic tubes will be sent flat and then bent to shape on-site to form the structure and Cortex™ concrete textile will cover the exterior of the shelter. Cortex™ can be manipulated by hand and is hydrated on-site; the water necessary for the hydration can be non-potable or grey water. Our solution provides a long term housing solution for refugee, disaster and other low cost housing situations while remaining simple to build, quick to deploy, and competitively priced in the marketplace.