Corpus VR

Corpus VR is changing healthcare by offering breakthrough virtual exercise environments that are fun and precise!

We’ve been frustrated by the current state of physical-, ergo-, neuro-therapy. Practitioners are limited in their time and creativity. Leading to boring, repetitive and suboptimal treatment (Imagine you go to 10 different therapists with the same complaint and you’ll be treated differently 10 times!). At home or work, you have limited means to be coached and motivated to do your exercises and progress is out of sight for your health provider. And on top of that, the practitioner is getting more and more administrative tasks.

So in short Corpus VR helps to increase therapy engagement and loyalty through focussed VR games and using the power of imagination. But working with a psychosomatic approach we also manage to offer important relaxation and pain management elements in the mix. Really adding great value to the patients and therapists. Thus by adding virtual reality gaming into therapy, and combining it with our in-house experience in psychosomatic physiotherapy, we offer effective, gamified and measurable exercises that truly promote an optimal self, both physically and mentally.