ConnectedGreen (formerly known as ConnectedGarden) is developing smart technology to make the world a greener place. We give plants and trees a voice by using wireless and lightweight (Internet of Things) sensor technology, combined with botanical knowledge. In the GreenCloud, sensor data is combined with weather data and plant preferences. Through our algorithm, we are able to provide status data and smart alerts to professionals and garden owners. Because each green project has different characteristics and planting, the ConnectedGreen platform is designed as a flexible platform that can handle data from different types and brands of sensors.

We often see a collaboration between growers, gardeners and end customers. ConnectedGreen provides different (levels of) information to the different stakeholders. Growers will be better able to provide warrantee on their products. Landscape designers and gardeners will work more efficiently while at the same time being able to deliver up to expectations. Last but not least, garden owners will be able to monitor the condition and status of their green project.

Working prototypes of the app/platform are available and we currently have 2 early adopters (‘hoveniers’ in Dutch) who are placing sensors in their projects. ConnectedGreen was one of the start-ups in Class 1 of the ‘Let it Grow’ incubation programme from Royal FloraHolland. In August 2017, ConnectedGreen has won the professional jury award for ‘Best Idea of Plantarium 2017’