Communicate! – conversation simulator

Communicate is a platform developed by Utrecht University and DialogueTrainer for training conversation skills.

Professional communication is learned by doing. In order to improve yourself and expand your behavioral repertoire, it is important to practice. But being a professional demands you to give your best in any situation, which rules out experimentation with approaches you may not have mastered yet.

The Communicate platform for conversation simulation has been developed to solve this problem. The platform provides users with interactive conversation scenarios, which enable experimentation with different approaches. By interacting with the scenario, users learn what makes situations difficult and what dilemma’s they may encounter. The scenario provides feedback to a current course of action, and shows what can be achieved if the situation is addressed properly. This interaction produces real emotions as something is at stake.

The platform is used in various conversation skills training, including online training. Scenario’s have been developed on interacting with clients, cooperation with colleagues and management-talks.