Go Pollock

Go Pollock is a solution for teachers that complements in-class teaching with immediate feedback on every student’s level of understanding by asking
questions and validating answers. Unlike a time-boxed quiz, Go Pollock aims to be a teacher’s digital companion, e.g. by showing and hiding single questions on students’ devices when needed.

Additionally, our Collaborative Stories enable a teacher to create a narrative around his or her lesson plan and link the narrative to the learning goal. For example, the class could be motivated to learn the pythagorean theorem not simply because it’s on the lesson plan, but because the math is needed in construction, for example to build a bridge. The respective collaborative story would then evolve around a bridge being built. Students answering online questions during the class on their own devices would contribute to story progress collaboratively with each correct answer from the class. If the class as a whole performs, the bridge will be built and the collaborative goal ist reached. If not, the story will not reach the goal.

Collaborative Stories can be leveraged for various subjects to inspire student interest in the classroom, provide additional context and truly motivate students. Furthermore, brain research shows that students learn best if they can link concepts with practice.