Coffee Based

Coffee Based is a company that focuses on the recycling of residual materials. Every year, millions of kilos of coffee waste are produced in the Netherlands. This is a large residual flow in which there is a lot of potential value. Coffee Based is converting the linear chain of coffee waste into a circular chain. One of the ways to do this is to process coffee grounds in new products and materials, such as bioplastics.

Coffee Based has already developed several products based on a biopolymer with coffee waste as basic material. These are coffee-related products such as coffee trays, cup holders and trays for sugar and milk. Coffee Based also created a notebook with a cover from coffee waste. No requirements are imposed on these products with regards to food safety. At present, suppliers of coffee and coffee machines (like our partner MAAS) have an interest in these products in order to place them next to the coffee machine.

At the moment Coffee Based is going a step further to make better use of the residual flow of coffee in sustainable products. Coffee Based is developing a reusable coffee cup designed on the basis of a biopolymer that also includes coffee grounds. Cups and mugs that meet the requirements for food safety. Because everybody needs to drink coffee out of a cup made from coffee, right?