CloudCuddle is a mobile, inflatable, lightweight protective tent for disabled children suffering from spasms, epilepsy, mental disorders and all sorts of uncontrolled body movements. At home these children sleep in big cushioned beds to keep them safe. These beds cannot be transported, keeping families homebound for 365 nights a year. CloudCuddle offers a lightweight and mobile solution to this problem. It can be placed around any standard mattress and is easily inflated by an electric pump. Not inflated it is light and compact, fitting in a shopping bag.
CloudCuddle must meet severe safety standards and user friendliness is key. Since we are dealing with a vulnerable group of customers, extensive testing is essential. We plan to develop a CloudCuddle for disabled adults and the elderly, since we have experienced a great ask for a product such as the CloudCuddle from this market segment as well. With the CloudCuddle these people regain freedom, making the CloudCuddle have a huge impact on their day to day life.